How Do You Know When You Are Ready For Assisted Living?

There can be fear associated with transitioning into assisted living and that is completely understandable. We all have times in our lives when, for whatever reason, we can’t do something on our own. At Florida Access Care, our mission is to provide quality, intimate care in a safe home-like environment. There are noticeable signs that tell you when a loved one is ready for assisted living, and as you continue reading, we’ll outline four of them for you.

Declining Physical & Mental Capabilities

It can be frustrating to notice ourselves becoming more forgetful or lacking the physical guile to move the way we used to. Unfortunately, this is simply part of life’s journey. We are called to accept help and not reject it, especially with declining physical and mental capabilities. Without help, forgetting to take medicine or trying to do something outside of our ability can turn dangerous, and with proper residential senior living, we ensure safety and assistance every step of the way.

Inability To Handle Common Daily Tasks

Waking up feeling achy or sore is something that we grow accustomed to in our latter years. Perhaps tolerating a bad back or arthritis has become just part of your daily routine. However, once these festering kinks begin to prevent you from accomplishing other parts of that routine, you may develop growing concerns. Our licensed caregivers go above and beyond to not only care for our residents’ health but to develop meaningful relationships with everyone in our care.

Isolation And Sadness

Given the world’s current climate, it can be hard to avoid feeling alone or isolated. Not being able to see family and loved ones during this time makes us feel helpless and sad. Find a living space that incorporates privacy as well as a supportive Christian community. At Florida Access Care we care deeply about our residents’ safety and comfort, as well as their spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. We keep all these in mind while catering to the needs of our residents and their families.

In Need Of Personal Care

Oftentimes, we may notice something about an elderly loved one that they don’t notice themselves, and then someone close to them may need to broach the topic of residential assisted living. If you are aware of a loved one developing poor eating habits, poor hygiene, or even wandering off, these are red flags indicating it may be time to discuss residential care. Rarely are they even cognizant these changes are happening, and it can indeed be challenging, but that is why Florida Access Care is here to help.

Changes and transitions in life are often abrupt and uncomfortable. We understand that, and our Christian-based living community strives to provide so much more than care. Through our service and aid, Florida Access Care gives our residents peace of mind and develops trustworthy companionships that are instrumental to long-term health. Call us today to schedule a tour.