Residential Senior Assisted Living Vs. Nursing Home Care: What Is The Difference?

Considering senior residential care services and trying to decide which one is right for you? The main difference to be aware of is that nursing homes are more of a clinical setting while assisted living facilities are more home-like, social settings. Assisted living centers also provide intermittent medical care, and they are often preferred over nursing home care when possible.

Read on for more information about the difference between nursing homes and assisted living facilities. For a Christian-based assisted living facility in Sebring, Florida, get in touch with Florida Access Care today!

Difference #1: Types Of Care Services Offered

Assisted living facilities provide support for everyday activities, medication management, and administration, while nursing homes do that and also have more involved nursing services and limited medical treatment services.

Difference #2: Living Space

The living space between assisted living facilities and nursing homes are different as well. Assisted living spaces typically have more private facilities, such as private baths and kitchenettes, along with more extensive living space and outside grounds. Nursing homes tend to be more limited and, in exchange for more hands-on care, less private.

Difference #3: Other Services

Assisted living facilities put more focus on recreational activities than nursing homes, as you might expect. Meals, laundry, non-medical transport, and housekeeping are common services offered at both assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Difference #4: Number Of Residents

While smaller nursing homes exist, they are typically designed to accommodate around 100 residents. Assisted living facilities have a more dispersed range of sizes, with some with as few of residents as 5 or as many as 300 or more. The average number of residents in assisted living facilities is around 50.

Senior living facilities and nursing homes — which one is more appropriate for you or your loved one? We hope this guide has helped you decide. If you are in Sebring and are looking for a Christian-based senior assisted living environment with excellent living care assistance, learn more about Florida Access Care today!