Assisted Living

Our assisted living facility offers exceptional service in a home-like atmosphere. We aim to keep our residents active by sharpening up their minds and improving functional mobility.

What Residents Can Expect At Our Assisted Living Facility

Comfortable Accommodations: Our clean, home-like facility is located in a quiet residential neighborhood.

Medication Management: We monitor vitals daily, including glucose levels for residents who are diabetic.

Healthy Meals: Enjoy three meals a day planned by a licensed dietitian.

Daily Task Management: We assist with life’s everyday tasks, such as bathing, toileting, feeding, transfers, and other daily activities

Social Activities: Enjoy social activities, such as group exercises, bingo, sing-alongs, movie nights, WI for balance activity, painting, coloring, Dominoes, UNO, and more!

About Our Assisted Living Rooms

We offer comfortable and welcoming Shared Bed-Rooms and Private Bed-Rooms

Suites come equipped with their own:

  • Telephones
  • Televisions
  • Walk-In-Closets
  • Walk-In-Showers
  • Vanity Room (Computers/Make-Up)
  • Access to the patio through double sliding doors

Communal Spaces

We offer a variety of communal spaces where residents can relax, socialize, and enjoy their day.

Living Rooms

We offer two living spaces for lounging throughout the day, both with comfortable sofas and a TV.

A Kitchen/Bar Area

Our kitchen and refreshment area host a lovely view of the pool.”

Communal Dining Room

Our communal dining room allows residents to share meals together. *In addition to smaller dining rooms for private family dinners with visiting relatives and friends.*


Residents can enjoy our outdoor shuffleboard court and can challenge other residents to a fun match in the beautiful Florida weather.

Swimming Pool

Residents gain access to a swimming pool for various water-based wellness activities.

Residents can enjoy a view of the pool from the majority of our rooms.

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